Hardwood and Faux Wood

Hardwood has always been an amazing way to bring class to any home. Traditional hardwood is an option but there are many more product available today to fit any budget, such as wide plank, waterproof laminate, faux wood tile and countless colors to choose from. Call us today for help in deciding what is right for you.


Hardwood will enhance the look of your home. It's low maintenance, easy to clean and provides better air quality. Call us for a quick estimate.

Waterproof Laminate

Waterproof laminate can help protect your home against pets, kids and catastrophic water events. It comes in dozens of styles and widths one of which is perfect for your home. Call us today for a free quote.

Faux Wood Flooring

Tile and laminate are a couple of ways to get that elegant wood look and feel, with the protection of waterproofing. Both are durable and help protect from scratching and denting. Call us for a free estimate.

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